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Rhoyej Black Huipil

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Rhoyej means "Hummingbird" in Zapotec language.

Since pre-Hispanic times, the huipil has been the most common garment among Mexican indigenous women. 

This beautiful huipil is woven using cotton thread on a backstrap loom and the nice, colorful collar is hand embroidered using silk thread in rococó style.

Due to its loose, light and fresh fabric, it is perfect for hot days.

Each huipil may take up to 4 weeks of hard work to be completed.

Each piece is unique and unrepeatable. Model and style are maintained from piece to piece but color combinations may vary a little wich gives them the fingerprint from the artisan whom left heart on it´s elaboration.

We customize just for you!

Other color combinations available, contact us if you have something special in mind.

Please Read the Data Sheet for more information.

Data sheet

OneSize Dimensions Shoulders: 16; Length: 25
Material 100% Cotton
Technique Backstrap Weaving
Decoration Bullion Knot
Comments Shoulder's measurements correspond from one side to the other over the neck's embellishment


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Rhoyej Black Huipil

Rhoyej Black Huipil

Rhoyej means "Hummingbird" in Zapotec language.

Beautiful woven Huipil in backstrap loom technique and embroidery.